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7 Different Types Of Horse Clips

There are 7 different types of horse clips. The Full Clip, Hunter Clip, Blanket Clip, Chaser Clip, Trace Clip, Irish Clip and Bib Clip.

Full Clip-  All the horse winter coat is removed, even the legs, head and ears. This clip will leave your horse with no protection or warmth and requires good stable management to ensure the horse does not get cold or suffer other ailments, such as rain scald or mud fever. This clip should only be be used for horses in hard competition work with little turnout throughout the winter.

Hunter Clip- Most of the horse winter coat is removed except the legs and saddle area. This clip is great for horse in medium to hard work but helps protect and insulate the horse legs and saddle area. This clip also require good stable management  plenty of rugs should be used to replace the clipped coat to make sure your horse stays dry and warm. 

Blanket Clip- The blanket clip is great for horses that are in medium work and turned out during the day. By leaving some some of the horse coat on in an area not prone to sweating, the horse gets extra warmth without excessive sweating when been working. 

Chaser Clip- This clip is similar to the blanket clip but the top of the horse neck is left on. This help the horse neck muscles stay warm. Great for horse in medium work with some turnout during the day.

Trace Clip- This is very similar to the Chaser Clip except most of the horse neck hair is left on. The face can either be left on or partially clipped. This offers more warmth and protection than the above clips. 

Irish Clip- The Irish Clip is quick and easy to do. You remove the coat from the horse neck and armpits where they sweat the most. This clip is great for youngsters and horse in light work.

Bib Clip- Otherwise known as the neck and belly clip is what the name suggests. This is the most basic clip. The Bib clip removes the hair from the underside of the horses neck and chest. Some people take the clip under the belly to the girth. This is the best clip for a young nervous horse and those in light work turned out throughout winter. 

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