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Choosing The Right Stable Rug

Stable rugs are used for when the temperature drops or the weather gets cooler. Stable rugs are necessary if your horse is clipped or very thin skinned. A horse that is stabled will require more insulation than a horse which is living out as the stable horse isn’t able to move around to keep warm.

Stable rugs are available in three different weights, Lightweight, Mediumweight and heavyweight. The weight and type of stable rug needed depends on the weather, breed and workload of your horse.

Lightweight Stable rugs rugs usually up to 100g of filling. Lightweight horse blankets are used for the Spring/Autumn months when its mild outside but your horse may need extra warmth when the temperature drops.

Mediumweight stable rugs normally have filling from 200g to 280g. These are great for the colder months when extra warmth is needed. Some mediumweight stable rugs come with fixed or deletable neck covers. These offer extra warmth for your horse.

Heavyweight stable rugs are recommended for the winter months when temperatures can plummet to below freezing. They have a filling from 300g to 450g. Heavyweight stable rugs offer your horse the most insulation against the freezing temperatures. They will keep your horse warm and clean whilst protecting them from the chilly air. Neck covers can also be used with these rugs, some have fixed neck covers others have detachable neck covers.

Stable rugs are ideal as an under rug. The blankets can be layered on top of each other to provide extra insulation for your horse as the weather get cooler. The horse blankets can be used under turnout rugs to keep your horse warm in freezing temperatures. Horses who are clipped or have thin skin will need extra horse blankets in the winter months to keep warm.

How do stable rugs fasten?

Stable rugs or horse blankets usually have two chest straps, some also have velcro where the chest straps meets for extra security. They have two surcingles that cross under the horses belly to prevent the stable rug from slipping or twisting round the horses body. Most will have a fillet string to which helps prevent the rug riding up the horse back which fastens under the horses tail.

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