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  • Hilton Herbs Mud Defender

Mud Defender has been formulated to combat mud-dwelling bacteria and to improve the skin’s resistance to wet and muddy conditions.

Mud Defender should be used with its complementary product, Mud Defender Lotion, designed to help soften scabs and encourage skin regeneration.

Both products have been very successfully field-trialled in Europe and the USA with trial results available on the Hilton Herbs website. 

This supplement is formulated to:

  • Maintain a natural resistant to mud dwelling bacteria 
  • Supply the essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6
  • Supply the amino acids needed for strong hair, skin and keratin production 
  • Maintain strong immune response
  • Support skin cell integrity, renewal and hair regrowth
  • Maintain a healthy skin and coat 

2kg bag

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Hilton Herbs Mud Defender

  • £29.99