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LexveT Mineral Mix and LexveT B1 Cool mix are both supplements that contain macro minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and salts. LexveT is designed to supplement your horse with vitamins and minerals that could be lacking or imbalanced in their diet. They are not intended to provide horse with energy, protein or roughage. There is no need to feed both LexveT mineral mix and LexveT B1 cool mix at the same time, however some owners do swap from one to the other as needed.

LexveT Mineral Mix is suitable for all horses including Laminitics, cushings, PSSM, Native ponies, broodmares, weanling’s, yearlings, stallions, performance horses, racehorses, pleasure, retired, aged horses, horses with bad/poor feet.

80% of Lexvet Customers first bought the product on recommendation from a friend, vet, farrier, nutritionist or equine dentist.

A 22 kilo Bag will last a Pony between 10 months and 1year 9 months, a Cob between 7 months and 1 year 2 months and a Horse between 5 months and 10 months.  The difference comes in age the amount of work the horse will be doing

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Composition Calcium 119g Phosphorous 79g Magnesium 58g Sodium 102g Potassium 30g Chloride 132g Zinc 2020mg Copper 795mg Iron 1565mg Manganese 978mg Cobalt 7mg Selenium 8mg Iodine 4mg Vitamin A 250,000IU Vitamin E 1250mg Vitamin B1 300mg Folic Acid 100mg Ash 75%

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LexveT Mineral Mix

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