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To Clip or Not to Clip?

There are several things you should consider when choosing the right clip for your horse. 

Is your horse stables?

How much work will your horse be in?

How much turnout will my horse have?

Do I have enough rugs to keep him warm? What rugs do I need to buy?

How much does my horse sweat? Is he fit or unfit?

How much will my horse feel the cold? e.g age, breed

Has my horse been clipped before? If it your horse first time choose a simple clip to build your horse confidence.

Clipper are used to clip a horses coat and trimmers can be used for those hard to reach awkward arenas. Most people clip a horses winter coat to help reduce sweating while the horse is been worked. It will also help your horse to coll down faster after been worked. Clipping your horse can be time saving too. A clipped horse is easier to keep clean that an unclipped horse. You wont have a tick coat to contend with. 

People who show their horse or compete during winter will have clipped their horse. It will help reduce sweating and allow them to cool down faster plus they will be easier to brush and keep clean.

If you are going to clip your horse you will need to think about how to replacing his winter coat with plenty of rugs to make sure he stays nice and warm in the colder months. The horse winter coats acts as an insulator and by clipping your horse in winter you are taking away his natural body heating system. The best way to make sure your clipped horse stay nice and warm is by using plenty of winter stable rugs or winter turnout rugs which you can find at Hoofies.

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