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Why Wear Hi Vis?

Did you know?

It is just as dangerous to ride out on the road in summer as it is in winter. The British Horse Society estimates that there are around 3,000 accidents each year involving horses on the road, about half of which happen on minor roads and over 100 horses are killed on the roads every year.

So why should you wear Hi-Vis?

Hi -viability clothing and equipment has been designed to make the wearer florescent during the day and reflective at night. With safety in mind they are made from a variety of florescent colours with added shapes and reflective strips. This makes it easier for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to see you in most weather conditions. It is especially hard for drivers to see you in rain, dull, foggy or sunny weather.

To be seen at night by drivers you will need to wear something reflective, both on yourself and your horse. Hi-vis can help drivers see you and your horse three seconds sooner which could save lives!

It has been proven time and time again to effectively slow down traffic encouraging them to give you and your horse a wide and safe passing. Hi vis really does help by attracting the drivers attention giving them plenty of time to slow down and pass you and your horse safely.


Be Seen Be Safe 

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